Concept Designer (PhD)
Lecturer, KASK, School of Arts Ghent, Department of Multimedia and Furniture Design/ Belgium

°1968, Belgium.

Dirk van Gogh graduated as Industrial Designer from the University College of Antwerp in 1991. He completed specialized studies of Product Development at the Technology University at Compiègne (UTC), France and started his work in Paris in 1993 for the museums “Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, La Villette” and “Muséum National d'Histiore Naturelle - Grande Galérie de l'Evolution”. He realized the new concept of interaction between the public and the space.

From 1997, he worked for the ”Eco Vehicle Research Project” in Japan as a concept designer for more than ten years. He generated various ideas of future automotive transportation and realized three electric vehicles, named: “Keio Advanced Zero Emission Vehicle: “KAZ I, KAZ II and KAZ III” and ‘Co-mobility’. “KAZ I” is presented on the Geneva Motor Show in 2001. All the findings from this conceptual designing were finalized in his PhD dissertation: ‘Concept Design of Electric Vehicles Acceptable into the Universal Society’ and is presented at Keio University, Tokyo, Japan in 2006. After that he was involved in the concept of ‘SIM-Drive’ that was established with the aim of prompt spread of environmentally-friendly electric vehicle.

From 1994 he designed several concepts for furniture design (Ariane, Luna, Teatro for Juventa, Belgium), wearable products for Hedgren, Belgium and interiors for public spaces.

As an associate professor design at the University of Antwerp, he lectured on concept design for the companies and universities in France, Italy, Japan and China.


He is now lecturer at KASK, Faculty of Fine Arts, University College Ghent, Belgium and guides the Bachelor, Master and PhD students in various fields of design including multimedia, fashion, interior, furniture, and products.

Dirk van Gogh contributes to the activation of creation processes in an intercultural and interdisciplinary context.


Last Update: November 13, 2013