Bram Jespers is a Belgian designer and professor of fashion design. After he finished his studies of linguistics and theatre science at the universities of Antwerp and Glasgow (Scotland), he went on to study fashion design at the Antwerp Academy. During his years at the academy, he worked as an intern with the Italian designer Angelo Figus and was soon hired by Veronique Branquinho to join her studio, working as an assistant on the collection and as production manager. Over this period he also assisted the designer in special projects such as her celebrated event at Pitti Imagine in Florence. As Bruno Pieters was expanding his business, Jespers was enlisted as the first design assistant for all categories, working on men’s, women’s, couture and special projects. During his time with Pieters, he also worked on the collaboration with Delvaux, the world’s oldest leather luxury company, creating a special collection of men's leather goods. He furthermore assisted Pieters during his creative directorship of the Hugo line at Hugo Boss, helped developing Pieters' shoe collection and several special projects such as the collections that won the Andam Award and Swiss Textiles Award.

After sitting on several juries from fashion schools, Bram Jespers decided to shift his focus to fashion education. In 2009 he was appointed artistic professor at the fashion department of KASK, School of arts Ghent, where ever since he has been teaching the 3rd bachelor together with Marina Yee. In 2012 he was appointed head of the department and became a member of the board of advisors at the Flanders Fashion Institute. As head of KASK's fashion department Jespers has been aiming at incorporating new methodologies into the curriculum.

Apart from his work in fashion education, Bram Jespers also works as freelance designer, writer and critic, advisor and researcher for private clients, theatre companies and organizations.


Last Update: November 14, 2013