The Role of Design in Society and Industry as a Consequence of Design Education and its Cultural Context: A Comparison between South Korea and some European Countries

Since I work a few months at UNIST School of Design & Human Engineering in Korea, I see many differences between European design schools such as at Delft University in the Netherlands and at the University of Minho in Portugal where I helped to implement a design school. First, most schools in design in Korea (and Asia in general) have a background in art, without an integration with engineering, human factors and business. Second, probably related to the first characteristic, there is hardly any formalized relation between design schools and industry. Third, education in Korea from the earliest age on still more focused on memorizing and repetition than on creativity. Fourth, the role of the designer in industry is more of a stylist than of an innovation mediator/strategist. How to upgrade their role?



Last Update: December 24, 2015