Spirit of Place: Parsons - Design in Context

Design education is all about context – both local and global. The Spirit of Place is central to the lifeblood of any campus both in terms of the campus itself and the location it inhabits.
Parsons as an Art and Design school is uniquely situated in two critical contexts -New York city and The New School University.  Both environments provide students and faculty with unparalleled opportunities to engage in a cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary dialog and exchange of ideas where Academia informs industry and vice versa. 

The urban campus experience allows us to envision the city as an extension of the classroom where students engage in their field of practice parallel to their academic experience. They also leverage the context of Parsons within the university context across a myriad of course offerings that enable students to create hybrid pathways as they move through their academic journey.


Last Update: December 23, 2015