1 December 2015, Tuesday (Day 1) Academic Exchange
Time Session A
Lecture Theatre V322
  Session B
Room V312
  Session C
Room V302
  Spirit of Place
Moderator: Tim JACHNA
Moderator: Peter CHAN
  Theoretical Issues
Moderator: Frankie NG
09:45 Basics of Design: Lessons from Walled City of Jaipur
Akshay SHARMA, Shruti GARG, Vibhuti SHAH, Pooja AGRAWAL and Parul LOHAN  
The Inspiration of Commercial Advertisements on Shun Pao During the Early Republic of China upon Design Education
Jiaman XING
Locating the Contributions to Critical Design Education (CDE): Critical Theory, Critical Thinking and Critical Pedagogy
10:10 Designing by Heritage: Visual Narratives from Emirati Design Students
Daniel Ricardo ECHEVERRI GIRALDO and Tina Sleiman
Finding the Other Stakeholders: The Re-emergence of the Tinkerer
Thomas COLE and Juan CABELLO
Teaching Drifting In Design: The Transition From Analysis To Concept
Ilpo KOSKINEN and Peter Gall KROGH
10:35 A Reflection on Designing Participatory Design Workshop ― Case Study of Elderly Product Development Workshop with Multidisciplinary Collaboration
Brian Yu Hin LEE, Benny Ding LEONG, and Gwen CHAN
EdMojo : Co-creation of Design Education by Industry and Institute to Prepare Expat Students to Enter the Local Job Market
David WILLIAMS, Jofil Angelo AGRUPIS, and Shruti SADANI
“Opacity”: An Old Concept for New Insights into the Epistemological Place-boundedness of (Architectural) Design
Hakan ANAY and Ulku OZTEN
11:00 Networking Break 

Spirit of Place
Moderator: Tim JACHNA

Moderator:Peter CHAN
  Social Design
Moderator: Ilpo KOSKINEN
11:30 A Comparative Study of the Admissions Exercises and the Creative Development Processes of Students Studying Different Design Disciplines in Two Different Departments of the Same University
Andrew LUNG and Frankie NG
Nurturing Aspiring Young Artists for the Animation and VFX Industry: A Singapore Perspective
Jae-Eun OH
Disaster Prevention Pamphlets with Universal Design:
A Case Study for Aiding Senior Citizens

Cheng-Chang LIU and Chang-Franw LEE
11:55 Culturally Appropriate Pedagogical Development for Classrooms with Confucian
Heritage Values: A Perspective with Visual Communication Students

Angeline Min-Yee YAM, Ai-Girl TAN and Shirley LIM
A New University-Industry Collaboration Model to Transform Australian Manufacturing SMES
Roderick WALDEN and Berto PANDOLFO
System Optimization Approach to Medical Auxiliary Product Design
LIU ZhenYuan and ZHANG QianXin
12:20 ‘Sans Frontieres’: Immerse, Infuse, Inspire and Inform Design Study Outside the “Walls”
Ricky Yuk-kwan NG and Nichole Hing-yui CHAN
Shaping a Better Tomorrow Through Ethics in Design Education
Rudi DE LANGE and Cwayita SWANA
Design Education – Evolution from Makers to Change Makers
Ramneek MAJITHIA and Shilpi BURMAN
12:50 Lunch Break 

Spirit of Place
Moderator: Olivia YIP

  Design and Place
Moderator:Hakan ANAY
  Regional Case Studies
Moderator: Ilpo KOSKINEN
14:30 The Phenomenon of Place in Master's and Doctoral Studies in Turkey
Ulku OZTEN, Hakan ANAY, Meltem ANAY and Yigit ACAR
Learning to Dexign the Future
Local: the University as Design Cultivator and City Builder
Vincent HUI, Ariel COOKE and Tiffany CHEUNG
14:55 >Role of Educational Institutes in Design and Start-up Ecosystem of Pune, India
Harshit DESAI and Anant CHAKRADEO
Defining the Essence of Place: A Collaborative Approach to Develop a Branded Manufacturing Workplace Environment
Erin DUNCAN, Peter CHAN and Carolina GILL
Nurturing Audacious Imagineering Cultures
Leong YAP
15:15 Pune's Characteristics that Make it the Design Hub of India
Harshit DESAI and Anant CHAKRADEO
Design Education in the Indian Context: Influence of Regional History, Culture and Economy
Hari KARA and Arshiya Kapoor
Teaching Innovation Through Cross Disciplinary Collaboration in the UAE: Interior Design and Entrepreneurship, an Approach to Progressive Design
Lina AHMAD, Marco SOSA and Constance VAN HORNE
15:15 Networking Break 

Spirit of Place
Moderator: Jason TANG


Poster Session

China as the Heritage of Danish Architectural Design: The Transmission of Chinese Art and Architecture from the Socio-cultural View of Jørn Utzon’s Design Education
Chen-Yu CHIU
Designing Entrepreneurial Designers Leveraging Local Innovation
Lisa BOULATOVA, Ailsa CRAIGEN, Rachel LAW, Vincent HUI, and Mariah CESTRA
Integrating Design Thinking with Design Doing: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Creative Place-Making
Peter CHAN and Susan MELSOP
The Project Process of Food Design and Education to Teach Gastronomy
Ágata Morena DE BRITTO and Ederson Luiz LOCATELLI
One Hand Input Interface for Wearable Device base-on Electromyography
Min-Ji KIM and Eutay JUNG
A Solution for Assessing and Motivating Groupwork for an Industrial Design Studio Module in a Transnational Education Context: From Conceptualizing to Experimentation
Wing C. LAU
Empowering Young Minds to Change the World
Ramneek Kaur MAJITHIA
Hospital Web Design Trend for Global Medical Service
JianYuan SOH and EuiTay JUNG
The Relationship Between Visual Complexity and Children’s Age with Regard to Learning Websites
Hsiu-Feng WANG and Julian BOWERMAN
Accessing Intangible Cultural Heritage for Contemporary Design Education
Phoebe WANG
16:10 Flat–Swap: A Critical Survey of High Density Dwelling in Glasgow and Singapore
Patrick MACKLIN, Pamela FLANAGAN and Nadia WAGNER
16:35 Nitaowahsinnoon: The Work of Reconciliation is for Neighbours Treaty 7 Lands
Intersect with Design Education

17:00 Making the Loops and Tying the Knots in the Spirit of Ubuntu
Annadine VLOK

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