Mr Ernie Greer

Ernest Greer has worked globally from Asia since 1995. While living in Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Thailand, he has managed organizations in Europe, North America, and 10 countries in the Asia Pacific region. From 1986 til 2008, he worked in management positions for Steelcase Inc, including Director of Design, Vice President, Workspace Futures, and President, Asia Pacific. Mr. Greer has started companies in China and India, and managed acquisitions in Japan, China, Thailand, and Malaysia. He has degrees in Business and Psychology from Vanderbilt University and Product and Environmental Design from the Kansas City Art Institute, and holds over 40 patents.  He lectures at universities and symposiums around the world, and is a Visiting Lecturer in the Masters’ Program at Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design. Mr. Greer’s special areas of expertise include strategic design planning, product and brand development, building businesses and teams, and developing alliances. His primary area of focus is innovation in Trans-Pacific growth opportunities.


Mr. Greer founded g+, a Hong Kong based consultancy, in 2008. g+ employs user-focused design methodologies to help clients develop innovation and globalization strategies. Clients’ business sectors include consumer durables, management consulting, office products, financial services, higher education, packaged foods, and material sciences.


Last Update: November 20, 2018