Mr Jason HUANG

Creator of X Thinking™
Founder & CXO, TANG UX
Guest Professor, Tongji University, College of Design and Innovation

Jason Huang is the founder and Chief eXperience Officer (CXO) of TANG UX. Since the company’s founding in 2007, TANG UX has been using X Thinking to help create value for enterprises, such as Ant Financial, China Merchants Bank, Amway, Watsons, Xiao Guan Tea, KFC,  Vanke, The Palace Museum, People's Daily, Mercedes Benz, WM Motor by improving the experience of over 2.1 billion of their customers. In addition to founding TANG UX, Jason also co-founded China’s first user experience (UX) professional organization, UXPA China, in 2004, which he served as Chairman for 10 years. He has delivered more than 100 invited speeches at conferences, forums, enterprises and universities both in China and worldwide. Jason is an invited guest professor of Tongji University, College of Design and Innovation, awarded “China’s Ten Most Outstanding Designers” by Dragon Design Foundation and selected as one of “China’s 100 Most Creative People in Business 2015” by Fast Company.


体验思维® 提出者 
唐硕体验创新咨询 创始人&CEO
同济大学设计创意学院 客座教授

2007年创立唐硕体验创新咨询(TANG)并任CEO至今。11年来以体验思维®驱动的解决方案,帮助芝麻信用、招商银行、安利、屈臣氏、小罐茶、肯德基、万科、故宫博物院、人民日报、戴姆勒奔驰、威马汽车等超过300家合作伙伴达成了商业梦想,改善了21亿消费者的体验。 2004年共同创立UXPA中国(中国首个用户体验专业协会),并连续10年任协会主席。应邀担任同济大学设计创意学院客座教授。于国内外各大会议、论坛、企业与高校发表演讲百余场。曾获得“中国十大杰出设计青年”荣誉并入选“中国商业最具创意人物100”榜单。 英国BATH大学人机交互硕士,中国东南大学计算机学士。



Last Update: November 6, 2018