Re:public; a think and do initiative towards
better future

Mr Hiroshi Tamura
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Re:public Inc.
Hiroshi Tamura co-founded Re:public, inc. in 2013 as a think and do tank to help individuals, institutions, and cities towards change. Using our knowledge and experience in the field of ethnography, computer science, architecture, media, and design, we at Re:public are today in a privileged and an exciting position, working together with so many inspiring people and cities to think about futures and to create one. Although we apply many approaches and forces us to rethink ‘big things,’ such as innovation, capitalism, or globalization, our wish and the goal remain extremely simple: empower any individual of any background so that everyone could feel that one is invited to be involved in one’s future.

In this talk session, he is going to talk about our paths for almost ten years through a variety innovation projects closely collaborating with national and local governments, large enterprises, SMEs and academia inside and outside Japan, in order to facilitate positive change.

Keywords: Innovation, Culture, Empowerment