Breaking Modern Paradigms: Design for Systems Change

Mr André Nogueira
Deputy Director, Design Laboratory at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Mass production, mass markets, and mass media were the underlying forces guiding organizations in the 20th Century. Modern management methods (e.g., marketing segmentation, strategic planning), ways for measuring value creation (e.g., market share, quarterly reports), and the use of the environment (e.g., extracting resources, depositing waste) all evolved into a system that created many short-term benefits. But we now realize it has led to an unacceptable growling gap in prosperity and a natural environment that is being damaged faster than it can be replenished.

Many entrepreneurs and  intrapreneurs recognize that today’s ambiguous challenges are creating  complex spaces of innovation. They require more than incremental changes to existing structures and cannot be adequately addressed by existing practices. In this talk, I will present advanced design models developed in response to  two modern paradigms: how organizations plan and operate and how they access and use resources.

Keywords: Modern Paradigms, Complex Spaces of Innovation, Systems Design