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About Organisers
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About Organisers

School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The School of Design is at the forefront of applying Asian innovation to global opportunities. We are committed to sustain excellence in design education, practice, consulting and research; to harness the legacy and dynamism of Asian cultures in creating solutions for human needs; and to create strategic models for products, brands, and systems in local and global markets.

The core values of the School are the Humanistic design; mastery of making; strategic thinking; creative and critical engagement; envisaging design as processes; sustainability; sensitivity to history and culture; cross-disciplinary collaboration; clarity and conviction in communication.

The School has over 1200 students and is the only institution offering design education at the higher level in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Design Institute, member of VTC Group

HKDI heritage the design education through the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), brings together the strengths of five departments: visual communication, product, interior, fashion and textiles, image, printing and digital media.

The vision of HKDI is to lead the cultivation of knowledge, professionalism and new talents for the evolving global creative industries. Its mission is to be a leading international provider of foundation studies and life long learning in design.

The HKDI provides a creative, dynamic and vibrant learning environment for the nurture of creativity, independence, self-confidence and free thinking. It offers comprehensive and contemporary design curricula underpinning the creative industries in HK, from entry level at foundation, to Higher Diploma, and onto Degree level in collaboration with overseas universities. Our programmes are highly relevant and responsive with industry recognition. Our students think liberally and laterally, gaining exposure both within and outside their chosen discipline.